1-Year License

$180 annually

Contact us for information on volume discounts.


Before downloading Astute Review, please review our End-User License Agreement.


You may download and install Astute Review at any time but a license is required in order to activate it. Upon purchase, a license code will be emailed to you. Once you’ve activated Astute Review using your license code, you will receive access to all of the great features Astute Review has to offer including upgrades, updates and technical support. Your 1-year license will auto-renew 365 days from the date of purchase. Users will have the ability to cancel their license at any time if they wish to discontinue the use of Astute Review at the end of the 1-year license period.


When purchasing a 1-year license you may add additional users which will allow the number of additional users added to activate Astute Review on their devices using the same license code. The cost of a 1-year license is based on the total number of users added per license. Contact us for information on volume discounts.

For additional information on licenses, installation or any other questions please see our FAQs page.