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Expedite the Transition to Your New Brand

Built to be Easy

We pinpoint where all old, branded materials are located and still being used, allowing marketing teams to maximize impact with minimal effort.

Instant Timesaver

Your sales and marketing team have better things to do than worry about white space and formatting. Our tools help them save valuable time.

Safe & Secure

Worried about a third party having your data? Rest easy knowing with Astute, your data never leaves your company.

Your automated and outsourced brand governance team

Brand activations can take years without a properly resources team. Marketing teams work hard to put together brand guidelines and toolkits for their colleagues but have no way of understanding where employees are using the old brand.

What does proactive monitoring do for your brand activation

Protect the investment in your brand

You’ve invested a significant amount of money & time creating your corporate brand.

Astute quantifies and improves compliance for a fraction of your total brand investment.

Actionable insights to quantify & improve brand compliance

Astute’s dynamic dashboard and reporting service makes oversight a breeze, giving management actionable steps to improve brand compliance.

A brand compliance team at your fingertips

No dedicated governance team?

No problem.

Astute’s software becomes your personal brand compliance resource, helping marketing understand and improve brand identity & voice, at a fraction of the cost. 

Outperform your competition

Astute helps you eliminate ambiguity and inconsistencies when going to market.

Ready to see it in action?

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple and uncomplicated! Once you sign on the dotted line, we will ask you to share your templates and digital assets. Then we will work with IT on implementation and train your team. After that you can put your feet up, unwind, and let Astute Review handle the rest!
We move fast! After acquiring all the necessary materials and IT approvals, Astute can be operational in 7 days. Depending on your workload, internal approvals and the complexity of the installation, the entire process typically takes less than 60 days.
Astute is the chameleon of compatibility. We seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office (Word, PPT, Excel), Google (Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets), Adobe (PDF, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMs), Sales Enablement Tools, and Cloud Storage providers (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox).

Not to worry! Astute takes security and compliance with the utmost seriousness. Your content is never kept on our servers. Nothing leaves your PC when you use our PowerPoint tools. If we process it for Brand Identity Monitoring, the files are then erased. Your information remains within your infrastructure if it was totally installed by you. With Astute, your secrets are safe and secure!

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