Astute Review is deemed a High Preforming Document Generation Software by G2

G2 High performer

Astute Review, a productivity software that helps organizations and their employees manage and create meticulously formatted, brand compliant business presentations, was named a High Performer in its Spring 2021 G2 Grid® Report for document generation software.

Astute holds a 4.8 out of a 5-star rating on G2.com, with users praising the platform for helping them automate presentation reviews and boost overall productivity. According to G2, products are ranked by customer satisfaction based on user reviews and market presence based on market share, seller company size, and social presence.

“Regardless of the templates or processes in place, presentations almost always contain information consolidated across team or reusing old materials, require manual formatting.” said James Hirchak, President and Founder of Astute Review. “Our customers understand that consciously or subconsciously the quality of sales, marketing and client deliverables are being judged by your current and future customers. Our software helps automate the process to ensure that presentations are look meticulously formatted every time.”

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Over the last year Astute Review has helped its customers, like BRG, automate the process of reviewing their presentations for formatting and consistency.

According to CSO Insights, most sales employees spend 13 hours on average a week creating and looking for content in PowerPoint every day, with much of that time spent formatting. This process gives ample opportunity for deliverables to become out of compliance with your brand and legal standards, not to mention the time spent editing materials. Astute Review automates this process (think Spellcheck / Grammarly, but for formatting), saving users 60% of their time finalizing presentations.

Astute Review is working on new ways to support all kinds of brand compliance and productivity solutions.

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About Astute Review

Astute Review provides automated software to help individuals and teams deliver meticulously formatted PowerPoint slides every time. The software is like spellcheck but for presentation formatting, which helps organizations drive productivity, effectively utilize talent, and ensure corporate brand consistency.

Regardless of the quality of your templates or processes in place presentations always require customization and manual formatting which takes time and is often results in formatting mistakes

✔ Astute Review is like spellcheck but for presentation formatting and compliance.

✔ Help your teams send perfectly formatted slides that are brand compliant.

✔ Reduce formatting time by up to 60%.


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