How to use the Copy Size & Position features in Astute Review

Copy Size & Position

Whether your titles and text boxes are bouncing around between slides or your are struggling to get images to be the exact same size, Astute’s Copy Size & Position functions help users apply formats multiple times across their presentation.

Hover over the icon to read the tool tips on how to use Copy Size and/or Position within Astute Review.


1. Select the object you want to pick up the size and or position of an apply elsewhere in your presentation.

2. Click the Copy Position and/or Copy Size icon

3. Double click the icons to lock in and apply the formatting across multiple objects

4. Click on the objects to apply the format.

5. Click on slides on the sidebar to find objects on other slides


6. Remember to unclick the icons when you are done so you don’t apply to unwanted objects. If you do, you can simply undo the format.

That’s it!. Check out Astute University for more tips and tricks.

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