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Simple Brand Management - In Real Time

Astute is an automation software that helps companies understand in real time what documents are a risk to their brand.

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Identify where old logos, dated colors & fonts and more are tarnishing your brand
Everything doesn’t have a chance to go through marketing before making it to its end destination and Astute can let your team have eyes across an entire organization.


We work where you work. Astute seamlessly integrates into wherever your content is stored

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Astute Review is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Customer Testimonials

See how Berkley Research Group uses Astute to ensure that all their materials match their unique brand guidelines
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Feature and Benefits

Real Time Compliance

Pinpoint where content is out of brand in your organization. At the individual file level or through an intuitive dashboard

Customized to meet your specific needs

Out of date logo

New logo

Astute can focus on what matters to you.  Out of date logo, old colors & fonts, missing copyrights & trademarks etc.. We have you covered.

Intuitive Interface

Every employee can see what files are out of compliance. Our user-friendly dashboard gives groups the data they need to monitor their brand 

Reduce 3rd party spend

External legal spend can run up any annual budget.
Astute lets you take a more targeting approach to document review
Minimizing legal costs

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