A Business Leader’s Guide to Astute Review

At times as a business leader, it may seem impossible to juggle growing your business while managing customers, project budgets and employees. Satisfying one group impacts others, and not always in a positive way. Managing changing customer needs often eats at your budget or utilizes extra resources within your company. If you are a professional services company, this means project budgets tighten and employees become frustrated with “scope creep” and rework.

If you are similar to the 90-95% of companies who still use Microsoft PowerPoint, you know your team spends a lot of time creating presentations. Companies are spending millions of dollars a year implementing various business process automation tools into their businesses. If companies are automating tasks such as payroll, invoicing and customer relationship management processes, shouldn’t they also be looking at improving the efficiency of one of the most heavily used business software tools in the world?

Astute Review aims to do just that—automate the process of reviewing PowerPoint presentations for formatting and consistency. Why is that important? We’re glad you asked, here are a few reasons how Astute Review can help improve your organization, while saving you time, money, and your employee’s sanity.

1. Improve Efficiency and Save Money

It’s obvious your team spends a lot of time creating presentations. What you might not be aware of is that ~40% of their time in PowerPoint is spent formatting and editing presentations. That means you’re paying your employees thousands of dollars a year to change colors, check page numbers, move titles and switch fonts. Wouldn’t you rather be paying them to do something else that Astute Review can’t? Formatting presentations takes time and what once took hours, now can take only minutes with Astute Review.

How much can you save a year? Calculate the money you’ll free up by formatting your PowerPoints with Astute Review—and bring flawless presentations to market

2. Improve Presentation Quality

You’re not perfect and neither are your employees. Regardless of how much time is spent reviewing documents, mistakes happen and errors are overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to the details.

We’ve all been in a meeting or presentation when we are told to, “turn to page five,” only to find that page numbers are missing on pages four to seven. This may seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but it not only hurts the flow of the meeting, it also hurts the presenter’s credibility and reputation, which reflects on the company. Research shows that people, whether consciously or subconsciously, lose confidence in presenters when errors and typos exist. You don’t want your potential customers questioning, ”What else are they overlooking?”

Whether it be titles, bullets, page numbers or other issues, Astute Review can help ensure your company is bringing flawless and consistent presentations to market.

3. Improve Employee Morale

Whether you are an intern or an engagement manager, nobody wants to fill their day aligning titles and formatting bullets. We understand junior employees need to “pay their dues” and get experience, but they don’t have to start their careers the same way previous generations did. Astute Review will help automate the tedious tasks around finalizing presentations so your employees can focus on more value-creating opportunities for the firm and for professional development. Whether it be more focus on content creation and strategic input in a presentation, or providing additional assistance on business development, Astute Review will allow your staff to focus on tasks that not only help the firm, but their career progression. And let’s face it, nobody wants to be a professional PowerPoint jockey forever.

These are just a few of the reasons how Astute Review can help improve your company in a cost effective manner without having to reinvent the wheel. Our intuitive software is easy to use and onboard to your organization. Schedule a call with us today to let us customize a quote for your organization and to learn more about how Astute Review can save time, free up money and save everyone’s sanity.

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