100% brand consistency...no matter where your employees work

Having a great brand obviously important, but maintaining brand compliance is not so easy.

Our software helps everyone in your company make beautiful on brand slides, quickly and efficiently.

Manual formatting is over. The better way is here. It’s Astute Review

Brand matters in every presentation.

  • Keep consistent with company brand guidelines
  • Unify Whole Presentations In Seconds
  • Safe & Secure
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One Tool for Everyone


If you’re a consultant

10 people simultaneously working in a PowerPoint is great for flowing in content, but consistent formatting—not so much.

Tired of the cycle? We were. Turn hours of PPT polishing into minutes of Astute Review-ing


If you’re a banker

What if you could get as much work done and still get in an extra round of golf? Or a workout. Or some much needed sleep.

Astute Review helps save you hours when you need it most.


If you work for a corporation

Putting together a document that is going to be viewed by the C-Suite, Board of Directors or the investor community is not for the faint of heart.

And there’s no reason you should be proofing it on your own.

Brand Matters on Every Slide

Take your life back. Take your productivity back. Take your sanity back.

Intuitive and easy

Our intuitive user-interface and user-friendly animations makes it easy to understand the
recommended changes.

Apply rules to logos, layouts and more!

Click “send” with confidence. Use Astute Review throughout building your presentations and as a final review. Nothing has to leave your company off-brand.

Build your style guide once and apply to any PPT

Apply brand formatting to any presentation with one click! Setup for your team takes from 0-10 minutes. Save time for your whole team and be the hero they need (and let’s be real, deserve).

Astute Review checks for the most common mistakes that stand out during meetings

Missing page numbers, rogue fonts and inconsistent bullets reflect poorly with the boss, let
alone the client. Astute Review eliminates the human error by finding and fixing formatting
issues for you too!

We've heard things like

Sam B – Dover

Astute Review is very intuitive to use – with the click of a button, Astute Review helps me prepare a

TJ – Aon

“It’s very intuitive and easy to use, Astute Review has saved me a significant amount of time editing decks.”

Zach M – Cowen and Company

“The software quickly finds errors that typically take several reviews to catch and lets me focus more on message delivery

Kevin L – Owens Corning

“Astute Review’s platform streamlines normally tedious formatting reviews and allows me to spend more time on meaningful content development.”

Colette P. – Red Development

“Astute is the tool that allows us to ensure that we maintain brand consistency and present like a Rockstar!”

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Astute Review is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


So what does the most powerful PowerPoint formatting for enterprise or small teams cost?

We can work with any size team, whether you are looking for one license or to outfit an entire organization. Let us customize a quote for you or organization. All paid options offer future product upgrades and included support and maintenance.

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