BRG maintains their brand & increases productivity with Astute Review

BRG & Astute

Berkley Research Group’s (“BRG”) Healthcare Performance Improvement Team has implemented Astute Review to help consultants and marketers save time and insure that all marketing materials are professional and brand compliant.

Branding and Compliance

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Regardless of the quality of templates or processes in place, presentations often get messy and require manual formatting. Astute streamlines BRG’s process of reviewing documents before they are ready for market.

“Working on endless slides and maintaining consistent Marketing materials across an organization can be a real challenge. In a perfect world every aspect of pitch would have a proper review but this is obviously not a practical solution. Astute Review helps me ensure that all of our materials are professional and ensures that it matches our unique brand guidelines.”

Jessi Molohon, Marketing Coordinator at BRG


Most consultants spend 2-4 hours in PowerPoint every day, with much of that time spent formatting. Astute Review catches and resolves all font mismatches, layout inconsistencies and misaligned bullet points in the click of a button, allowing your consultants to spend more time on content.

“Consolidating slides for an entire team presentation used to be a nightmare for us super view hours formatting presentations by streamlining the process is a great time saver then make sure everything your organization looks great.”

– Eric Alexander, consultant at BRG

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Astute Review has helped its customers, like BRG, automate the process of reviewing their presentations for formatting and consistency.

According to CSO Insights, most employees spend 13 hours on average a week creating and looking for content in PowerPoint every day, with much of that time spent formatting. This process gives ample opportunity for deliverables to become out of compliance with your brand and legal standards, not to mention the time spent editing materials. Astute Review automates this process (think Spellcheck / Grammarly, but for formatting), saving users 60% of their time finalizing presentations.


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