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BRG maintains their brand & increases productivity with Astute Review

Berkley Research Group’s (“BRG”) Healthcare Performance Improvement Team has implemented Astute Review to help consultants and marketers save time and insure that all marketing materials are professional and brand complaint


“Our clients engage BRG for our in-depth analysis and track record for performance improvement; however, they are also judging us by the quality of the materials that we create. Astute helps ensure that all our deliverables are well formatted and on brand, allowing our teams to focus more on content and message delivery."
–Jeff Hess, Partner at BRG
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Branding and Compliance

"Working on endless slides and maintaining consistent marketing materials across an organization can be a real challenge. In a perfect world every aspect of pitch would have a proper review, but this is obviously not a practical solution. Astute Review helps me ensure that all of our materials are professional and ensures that it matches our unique brand guidelines."
Jessi Molohon, Marketing Coordinator at BRG


“Consolidating slides for an entire team to make a consistent presentation used to be a nightmare for us. Astute Review has helped me save countless hours formatting presentations by streamlining the process. It is a great time saver that makes sure everything leaving our organization looks great."
– Eric Alexander, consultant at BRG
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Astute Review is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Our Reviews

Mark H

CMAAS Director
Enterprise(>1000 emp.)

It prevented me from manually reviewing slides before sending presentations to others. I created a lot of custom slides and merged content from older presentations into new presentations. Astute helped automate that process and catches errors I would have otherwise missed

Carrie B

Project Manager
Enterprise(>1000 emp.)

The 'Review All' function provides a quick and easy way to double-check pitch decks before submission or publication. I have found it most useful for spotting inconsistencies in font and font size.

Dylan L

President & CEO
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Their easy-to-use Powerpoint plugin does the manual work of combing through a deck for formatting mistakes automatically, effectively, and efficiently.

David H

Sonova Partner Program Manager
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

I have found that using Astute Review has greatly decreased the amount of time that I spend pouring over PowerPoint presentations to made formatting edits. This tool has helped me to recognize consistent errors that I make in presentations and assists me to correct them automatically. Our company uses specific templates that always require manual formatting andAstute Review has alleviated having to remember to go and make minor revisions to maintain branding. As a person in a sales role, this has helped me focused on selling instead of focusing on content creation and formatting. The amount of time that is being saved with the tools has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my role that may sometimes put to the side due to editing.

Micheal T

Digital Marketing Director | Programs
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Astute review helps ensure that all presentations are in compliance with marketing brand standards. Presentations often get edited and updated after leaving marketing. Astute Review automatically reviews your Powerpoints to make sure they look professional and brand complaint.
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“We have a large team that helps pull together monthly, quarterly and annual presentations. Astute Review helps me unify an entire PowerPoint easily and efficiently. Our presentations look more professional and I don’t have to spend hours cleaning them up manually.”
– Michael Beck, Finance Manager at Dover
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