How to make beautiful and effective work presentations using transparent images

With your business presentations and SlideDocs, good content that you spent hours creating can easily be ruined by poor images. Articulating information effectively can be challenging, especially if you lack formal design skills (like most of us).

Using images to enhance your presentations or SlideDocs can be extremely effective…if used correctly. By contrast, when used incorrectly, images can become an ugly distraction in your presentation.

If creating transparent images is new to you, check out this link to quickly learn (under 2 min) how to make an image transparent in PowerPoint.

Incorporating free transparent images in your presentations is a great way to quickly enhance your presentations without having to spend time formatting, or getting a certification in design.

With that said, here are 4 ways to create beautiful visuals for your work presentations using transparent images.

1. Make text more visible

Professional images and photos are a great way to improve your slides. Obviously, the quality of the photo (resolution, color, brightness, etc.) may make it difficult to incorporate text around the image.

In the example below, we layered a transparent shape over an image to produce a cool visual effect with overlay text.

Example: Make text more visible

2. Simplify a background with too much going on

Similarly, a photo or patterned background can add a lot to your SlideDocs and presentations, but used incorrectly and the slide can get too busy, or make the text impossible to see.

Using the same example above and after removing the shape overlaying the image, we increased the transparency to 80%, and changed the font color.

Example: Simplify background

3. Reinforce your corporate brand

Backgrounds and images can be a great and easy way to enhance your company’s corporate image or style.

This below example from the Chicago-based ad agency Strike2 pulls colors and geometric shapes from the company’s logo and color scheme to enhance the corporate brand.

Strike 2 – Brightfield Group

4. Emphasize certain areas of your slides

In addition to enhancing your brand, eye-catching colors can help highlight important text in your presentation or SlideDoc. This below design uses a transparent blue shape (a common color used to help increase sales) to draw the reader’s attention to the quote on the left of the page, with the intent of evoking trustworthy emotions to the corporate brand.

Example of using transparent blue shape over image

That’s it!  You’re ready to start making great slides for your work presentations.

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