How to make an image transparent in PowerPoint

I was recently working on demo SlideDoc presentation for Astute Review and found myself wanting to make an image in my file transparent to call out text, which reminded me that this process wasn’t always this easy and that some people might be unaware of the changes Microsoft has made to enhance this feature.

Historically, users would have to take somewhat of an awkward multi-step process for making your image transparent. This old process involved inserting shapes that matched your image shape, inserting your picture into that shape and editing accordingly. Users were able to eventually get there; however, it took a few minutes to complete. Thankfully, Microsoft finally made the update to make this process much more user-friendly.

Incorporating free transparent images in your presentations is a great way to quickly enhance the quality of your presentations without having to spend time formatting, or getting a certification in design.

Now This process is easier than ever. Follow these simple steps:

1. Right click on an image and select Format Picture

2. In the Format Picture sidebar, select the picture icon and adjust the Transparency using the Presets or slider.

Picture transparency sidebar

Adjust Image Transparency

3. You can now  overlay text or set a background.

As you can see below, the increased transparency helps make text more visible for the reader and does not draw attention away from the message you are trying to convey in your presentation or SlideDoc.

Overlay text example - transparency

Overlay text on top of transparent image

That’s it!  If you’re interested in learning more about how to effectively use transparent images in your presentations and SlideDocs, you can learn more here.

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