PM Accelerate - Astute Review

As a PMAccelerateTM Pro, you will get a FREE 45-day trial with trial onboarding and support to ensure you know how to get the most out of the PowerPoint plug-in. AND, you could be the hero of your organization by locking-in exclusive discounts on the software to help maximize the efficiencies across teams by saving time, money, and everyone’s sanity!

Exclusive PMAccererateTM Pro Discounts:
- 25% off Astute Review Standard and Enterprise licenses, including volume discounts.
- 10% off any Astute Review customization and onboarding
(note: applies to Enterprise version).
- 10% off Astute Review design and templating services.

Trusted By

Astute Review is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Happy Customers

Colette P. – Red Development

Colette P. – Red Development

“Astute is the tool that allows us to ensure that we maintain brand consistency and present like a Rockstar!”

Kevin L – Owens Corning

Kevin L – Owens Corning

“Astute Review’s platform streamlines normally tedious formatting reviews and allows me to spend more time on meaningful content development.”

Zach M  – Cowen and Company

Zach M – Cowen and Company

“The software quickly finds errors that typically take several reviews to catch and lets me focus more on message delivery to potential clients.”

TJ – Aon

TJ – Aon

“It’s very intuitive and easy to use, Astute Review has saved me a significant amount of time editing decks.”

Intelligent Features

Intuitive and easy – no setup required

Our intuitive user-interface and user-friendly animations makes it easy to understand the recommended changes.

Check your whole deck or a single slide (great for copy & paste!)

Click “send” with confidence. Use Astute Review throughout building your presentations and as a final review. Format pasted slides in seconds!

Build your style guide once and apply to any PPT

Apply brand formatting to any presentation with one click! Setup for your team takes from 0-10 minutes. Save time for your whole team and be the hero they need (and let’s be real, deserve).

Astute Review checks for the most common mistakes that stand out during meetings

Missing page numbers, rogue fonts and inconsistent bullets reflect poorly with the boss, let alone the client. Astute Review eliminates the human error by finding and fixing formatting issues for you.