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One Tool for Everyone

It’s for consulting

10 people simultaneously working in a PowerPoint is great for flowing in content, but consistent formatting—not so much. Tired of the cycle? We were. Turn hours of PPT polishing into minutes of Astute Review-ing

It’s for banking

What if you could get as much work done and still get in an extra round of golf? Or a workout. Or some much needed sleep. Astute Review helps save you hours when you need it most.

It’s for corporations

55% of content is altered after leaving the marketing department. Regardless of the quality of your templates or processes in place, presentations get messy and require manual formatting And there’s no reason you should be proofing it on your own.

Take The Pain Points out of PowerPoint

Save Time, Save Money, Save Everyone’s Sanity

Intuitive & Easy
If you can use spellcheck, you can use Astute Review. Our intuitive user-interface and user-friendly animations make it easy to understand the recommended changes .
Customized to meet your specific branding and formatting needs
Apply your specific formatting and brand requirements to Astute and ensure that everything leaving your organization looks great.
Build Slides Faster
Time-Saving features to help you align, move and format objects faster

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Astute Review is used by companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


So what does the most powerful PowerPoint automation and review tool cost?
We can work with any size team, whether you are looking for one license or to outfit an entire organization. Let us customize a quote for you or organization. All paid options offer future product upgrades and included support and maintenance.
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